We consciously ensure our Queensland Barramundi farms are truely environmently-friendly.



Pure Clean Water

Initially a commercial aquaculture farm the purity of our water has been paramount from the beginning. One of our water sources flows down from the World Heritage Rainforest, through the creek on our property. This combined with our average rainfall of two metres per year ensures our ponds are constantly replenished with pure, clean water.


Family & Community

The Barramundi Gardens enterprise has been operating since 2002. As a family run business with three generations of Thiele and Bostock families involved, the focus has always been on pure quality produce.

We are proud to be one of the major employers in our local community. We are fortunate that our workers are our friends. Together we produce delicious tasting barramundi and unique spring rolls.

Gail and Tim Thiele have spent the past 16 years refining their sustainable farming principles to create exquisite tasting barramundi.

Tim Thiele

Tim Thiele


Tim is the ‘head farmer’. His knowledge of barramundi, farming background and an unwavering passion for a sustainable environment are the driving force behind beautiful Barramundi Gardens. Tim’s philosophy is to never waste a drop of the precious water, Barramundi Gardens is a testament to his dedication.

Gail Thiele

Gail Thiele


Their unique ‘barramundi springroll’, was embraced at a rapid pace and so spawned another nine flavourful varieties. Unparalleled in quality or taste the Springroll Gold brand was born. The development of new varieties is a constant source of joy for Gail who is the driver behind the success of Springroll Gold.

a family affair

Supplying Australia

There is no doubt the Australian public are mindful of where the fish they consume comes from. Likewise, with the rise in understanding what delicious Barramundi tastes like, there is a definite desire to seek out Australian fish. Whether in a restaurant, at the supermarket or the local fish and chips, consumers are clearly asking for pure quality. We feel our 100% Australian Barramundi and gourmet springrolls are a perfect solution. If you would like more information, feel free to contact us!

Barramundi Gold

Our fresh water Barramundi Gold farm is involved in the raising of fingerlings that are on-sold to surrounding aquaculture farms as well as growing out fish for our own sales of whole and filleted fish and of course for inclusion in our Springroll Gold range.

"Consistent and quality product, excellent customer service!"

Davina Pantacchini

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Our barramundi receive love and attention 24 hours a day so we are open for business 7 days a week: 7.30am – 5.30pm.